Communicable Diseases Policy

(Updated September 15, 2022)

On consultation with the Boquete Health and Hospice Medical Director (Dra. Shannon Tuer), the following is the policy for BHH volunteers (approved unanimously by the Council):


  1. At ALL INDOOR BHH events – everyone shall be masked and social distancing practiced.  If eating/drinking is part of the event, that it will take place outside, and masks replaced before re-entering the room.

  2. Any team that interacts with the public or patients/families MUST be vaccinated.  At the current time this applies to the following teams:

Equipment Team

Bed Team

Respiratory Team

Hospice and Family Care Team


Tuesday Market

Being Prepared Team​

  3. Specifically for the Meal Team, MINSA requires all preparers of food be masked. Therefore:

  • All volunteers preparing meals for delivery must wear masks while preparing the food.

  • All volunteers must wear masks while delivering food.

  • Patients/Family members receiving meals must wear masks.

  • Vaccination of BHH volunteers on the Meal Team is ENCOURAGED.


   4. Starting with the next New Volunteer Training Class, the following changes were agreed:

  • The Volunteer Coordinator will meet with all class members prior to class to try to determine what Team they may wish to join in order to determine if vaccinations are required. 

  • Only those who are vaccinated will be allowed to join the teams referenced above in (item 2).  All others are ENCOURAGED to be vaccinated, but it is not a requirement.

  • While in class, masks will be required. 

  • Food and drink will be consumed outside.