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Communicable Diseases Policy

Update on Communicable Diseases Policy

On March 1, 2023 the Boquete Health and Hospice council discussed an update to our Communicable Disease Policy.


After discussion it was decided that the mask policy needed to be changed.


  1.  Any volunteer member that is going into patient’s homes must be:

    a. Fully Vaccinated.  Fully Vaccinated means having two (2) shots of Pfizer, or two (2) Moderna or one (1) Johnson and Johnson. (This is MINSA’s definition of “fully vaccinated”.)

    b. Wear a N95 mask.

  2. In addition to #1, above, any volunteer member that interacts with a patient, or patient’s family members or is a friend of the patient must wear a N95 mask.

  3. The above will refer to Patient Care Coordinators, Hospice and Home Care Team Members, and Meal Team Members who are delivering meals to the patients.

  4. Equipment Team Members must still wear masks when loaning out equipment.

  5. Masks will also be mandatory for anyone attending a BHH class or event where social distancing is not maintainable.  For example:  CPR class where people are working on manikins and are less than 1 foot apart from each other.

  6. At BHH classes and events where social distancing is possible, masks are optional.  It is still recommended that masks be worn.

The above changes were voted on and unanimously approved by the voting members of the council.

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