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Boquete Health and Hospice (BHH) continues to grow and provide more services to the Boquete and immediate communities.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience and volunteers can feel proud of their efforts and the impact BHH has on the health and wellbeing of our communities. BHH is comprised of a diverse group of people of many ages and backgrounds who want to serve the communities, use their skills, and meet new and interesting people.

Please, consider joining us as a volunteer on one of our teams. Volunteers can contribute as much or as little time as they wish. We need volunteers in many capacities, and while the ability to speak Spanish or a medical background is helpful, it is not necessary. If you have expertise in a specific area, please let us know. It’s likely we can use it! Thank you for volunteering!



Ambassador Team Lead

The Ambassadors are usually the ones the community meets first. Helps set up and tear down meetings as needed and mans the Tuesday market table, meeting potential volunteers and educating the public on what we are and what we offer.

The Ambassador Team also provides Friendship Baskets to those that the Patient Care Coordinators feel would benefit. It is personalized for the recipient and is delivered by one of our volunteers.


Donor Relations Team Lead

Develop and implement strategies to identify, attract, cultivate, and maintain relationships with donors including major donors. Work closely with the President, the Council and various teams to identify major donors, develop donor appeal campaigns and appreciation events, and track donations. BHH depends entirely on donations, so this team is critical to our success. Experience in donor relations is ideal.


Education Team

This team is responsible for identifying educational needs for our volunteers and the community, develop and implement educational programs to address them.


Training Team

The training team is responsible for training our new members by participating in our New Volunteer Orientation. The class focuses on the organization and operation of BHH and how the volunteers can contribute their services/knowledge and provides insight into the various departments that someone might be interested in volunteer. Educational instruction or training background is ideal but not necessary.

Fund Raising and Events Team

Develop fundraising strategies and ideas, plan and implement a variety of events, and work closely with Communications to promote them. Volunteers secure venues, catering, entertainment, and vendors. Negotiate contracts and manage budgets, secure sponsors, and raffle items, handle on-site coordination and vendor communication, and evaluate results and identify improvements for future events. BHH depends entirely on donations so this team is critical to our success. Experience in event planning, fundraising or related area is ideal.


Equipment Teams (Medical Equipment, Beds and Respiratory Teams)

Dispense and receive equipment at our storage lockers in Alto Dorado (Alto Boquete). Cleans and sanitizes returned equipment. Maintains records of who has borrowed which pieces of equipment. Receives notification that someone wants to borrow or return equipment, goes to the lockers, completes the paperwork. Very helpful to have a truck for picking up and/or delivering equipment.

Training is provided so the team members can instruct the patient and/or caregiver on how to use it or set it up safely and correctly.


Occasionally we need a person with a truck to help deliver or pick up a bed when a team member is on vacation.

To complete the volunteer application please click on the link below



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