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BHH Tree of Life

Boquete Health and Hospice wants to publicly recognize our extremely dedicated and very generous donors.  It is a wonderful situation where the tree grew so large that we had to abandon the actual tree and move to a list.  Our donors are the life blood of our organization - without them we could not survive.

It is these donors that we gratefully acknowledge below.  The category is based on the largest single year donation received by BHH.  For example Donor A gives $100 in 2021 and $1000 in 2022, Donor A would be a Silver Heart Donor.

Thank you to our wonderful donors - your kindness keeps our Tree of Life growing and strong.



Gold Heart

($ 2,000 to $ 4,999)

Penny Barrett

Patricia Price Peterson Foundation

Susan & Price Peterson


($ 100 to $ 199)

Tatiana Arefina-Armitage

Brian Armitage

Carmen & Luis Botero

Margie  Brooke

Gary Bubb

Sela Burkholder & Al Mills

Larry Burnyard

John Allen Burtner

Alan Check

Jo Clem

Rosie Crofutt

Laura & Lamar Daniels

Jeff Deatherage

Randy Deel

Jill Dillon & Gregory Klos

Gerri & Harvey Eckert

Ellen Edmonson

Robert Eyhorn

Jim Fletcher

Sally Foulke

Nancy Wastcoat Garbett

Anne Harper

Marguerite Hefner

Diane Heidke & Elizabeth Worley

Sheila Hume

Dale Jackson

Lynn Johnson

Susan Kelley

Heinz Kramer

Betty & Hank Landis

Jennifer & Christine Leigh

Chris & Lorraine McCall

Bond & Luan McCamy

MaryAnn McDonald

Alicia McGuigan

Cheri McLean

Barry & Judy McNeil

Debbie & Michael Mullin

Judi Neuthause

Jennifer Pascal

Wilke Peña in memory of Hubert Peña

Wilke & Hubert Peña

Nancy Peterson

Martin Radebaugh

Yaneth Reese

Doug Remsen

Penny Ripple

Carol Santana

Jamison Savage

Del & Edith Schartner

Margarethe & Clifford Sellie

Maxine Serano

Barbara Severs

Linda Simmons

Casey Stangl

Lee & Joann Stringer

Javier E Vijil

Jim Wasson

Mary Ellen Watts

Davia & Adam Weiner

Maxine & Larry Wolfe

Ginny Wooley

Keith Woolford

David Wulf

Platinum Heart

($ 5,000 and over)

Tom & Caroline Bot

Marcel & Bertina DeJong

Bronze Heart

($ 200 to $ 499)

Linda & Douglas Avery

Herta Bernbach

Allison & Bill Brundage

Jack & Sofia Butte

John Condon

Lucie Connor & James McCallum

Bill & Cheryl Crabbe

Lloyd & Sandra Cripe

Mitzi D'Unamuno

Jacqui Davis

Valerie & Art Green

Tammy  LaDrew

Esther Leung

Chris & Lorraine McCall

Charles Mix

Diane & Tom Mooney

Dave Nichols

Don & Janice Norris

Retire in Panama Tours

Luanne  Smiley

Carl & Sheila Strunk

Sandra Ullstrup

Valle Escondido H.O.A.

Kay & Dan Wade

Kim & Robin Ward

Merl & Barbara  Will-Wallace

In Memoriam Donation

($ 200)

In memory of Marit Braemer

from Bill Hinrichsen

In memory of Betty Collier

from the Canton Family

In memory of Dennis Doyle

from Laurie & Kelly Collier

In memory of Summer Duran

from Alison & Bill Brundage

In memory of Newman Jones

from Evie Jones & the Mandell Family

In memory of John Rutherford

from Linda Rutherford

Other Donations/Gifts in Kind

Robert Brauns

Melissa Chong - Alto Dorado Mercado

Jamie Clem - Video

Martha  Dick

Stacy Fern

Jeimy Guerra - Full Adventures Boquete

Martine Heyer

Mark Heyer

Fran Hogan

Lynne Johnson

Chris McCall

N&N Catering

Beverly & Tom Stearns

Yolanda T Vega

Mary Ellen Watts

Barbara Will-Wallace     

Chris Young - Big Daddy's - Tap Out & Mesa Azul

Sally Zigmond

Silver Heart

($ 500 to $ 1,999)

Cynthia Barr

Melissa Chong

Larry & Kat Clayton

Jamie Clem

Laurie & Kelly Collier


Babbie & John Earle

Craig Gatrel & John Ferguson

Bill Hinrichsen

Evie Jones

Stephen Kingshott

La Casa del Medico

Kenneth & Pauline Manley

Kat McKay

Welthy & Paul Myers

N&N Catering

Dave & Bridget Nichols

Panama Health & Respite Foundation

 Dave & Erin Ross

Linda Rutherford

John & Dale Sandeen

Bruce Stangl

Pat & Harvey Thomas

Tom & Linda McCormack Foundation

Sally Zigmond & Peter Sterling


($ 10 to $ 99)

Azel Ames

Robert & Linda Archer

Julie Atkinson

John Badger

Tamera Balkenhol

Karen Bergstrom

Robert & Hazel Bowling

Beverly  Calloway

Holly Carr

Rusty Castillo

Trish & Brian Christoffersen

Mary & Claus Clausinger

Beth Cushman

Marsha Dugat

Joanie & Will Feuerstein

Daniel & Soriana Forbes

Susan & Kerry Frank

Debra Friedenburg

Nancy Gallawa

Rod Gottula

Leigh Gray

Lorraine Handler

Diana Herrera

Deb Hornstra

Ruth Howell

Lesley & Don Hughes

Carol Jones

Natalie & Michael Kelly

Carol Kennedy

Jen Kugler

Tim Kugler

Char Lintz

Vicky Martinez

Ron & Kim Hart McBride

Alicia McGuigan

Ron Melton

Barbara & Ross Michelsen

Colleen O'Rourke

Stephanie Parks

Frederick Peek

Meg Porter

Placido Quiroz

Sandy Ritchie

Karen Schwartz

Maxine Serrano

Loesje Sherwood

Ayola Singh

Beverly & Tom Stearns

Paul Stork

Melody Turner

Ginny Woolley

Carrie Worthing

Ada Yip

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