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  • What are the services BHH provides?
    BHH was initially started to serve the ex-pat community in times of life-ending illness. Since then it has grown to encompass much more. While BHH medical personnel are prohibited from providing medical care, we still have teams that will help the patient and family navigate end-of-life illnesses. In addition, BHH provides home care for those with short-term illnesses, medical equipment, respite care, meals, transportation to doctor visits.
  • How do I access the services BHH provides?
    In order to be eligible for BHH services the patient must reside in our service area: Boquete, Alto Boquete, Palmira, Caldera, Potrerillos, Jaramillo, Los Naranjos, Alto Lino. Second, the use of equipment must be for a short-term - less than three months. There must also be a medical need for the services. On calling the Patient Care Coordinator (6781-9250), the patient or their family will be asked some questions in order to determine if BHH services are required and helpful.
  • What are your service area boundaries?
    Our service area includes Boquete, Alto Bouqete, Palmira, Caldera, Potrerillos, Jaramillo, Los Naranjos, and Alto Lino.
  • How do I volunteer to work with BHH?
    Click the button below. Our training team leader will be in contact to meet with you. You are also invited to attend our general meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m. at the Amigos de Animales Event Center across the highway from Ivan's Mini/Super and Hardware Store.
  • If I don’t have a medical background, can I still volunteer?"
    Absolutely. In addition to the patient care teams and the respiratory team, volunteers are needed to work with our Equipment Team; PR/Marketing/Community Education Team; CPR training; Logistics (setting up for events); Meal preparation and delivery; the Magic of Music Program; the Ambassadors (who provide the “face” of BHH at the Tuesday Market, and other activities); assisting with our Blood Donation team; and our Translator Team.
  • What patient care services does BHH provide?
    Equipment as needed, hospice team led by a BHH volunteer to work and facilitate with local medical team to assist the patient and family in getting the best care, health support for short term illnesses, respite care to allow a caregiver some relaxing time, rides to appointments, meals, and music.
  • What equipment is available for loan?
    BHH has hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers (no wheel, 2 wheel and 4 wheel), canes, crutches, bedside commodes, shower benches. Also available, are oxygen concentrators (both floor models and portable models), and nebulizers (machines only – patient must provide their own masks, tubing and medication).
  • How much does it cost to use the equipment?
    All equipment and services are free of charge. Donations are gratefully accepted.
  • What do you teach in the CPR course?
    CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) classes are currently on hold.
  • Do I get a certificate for completing the CPR course?
    No, BHH does not issue a certification course.
  • When and where are the CPR courses?
    CPR courses are currently on hold.
  • Is the CPR course in English or Spanish?
    BHH has held both English and Spanish CPR courses. In 2019 BHH had 5 English and 1 Spanish CPR course.
  • What is Magic of Music?
    We have a new service called the Magic of Music. This is a lending program for our patients. We are providing music to any of our patients who request it. We will ask you to tell us about what your favorite music is, and then create a personalized playlist for you. We will lend you a digital music player, CDs or a USB drive. Music can bring back memories, take our mind off pain and sometimes change our moods too. The program can help the health & wellness of all people and those recovering from injuries, surgeries, and may especially help those with Memory-related disorders and Alzheimer’s.
  • I don’t have a computer. How can I get the music?
    The music can be delivered on a CD, a thumb drive or on a small MP3 player. The MP3 player is loaned for as long as the patient needs it.
  • What is "Being Prepared"?
    "Being Prepared" is a program that has been developed to assist members of our community to prepare for either serious illness or the death of a loved one while here in Panama. It covers what to do, the development of a “Buddy”, Health Care Proxies that are valid in Panama, how to make final arrangements, and a host of other issues that someone in the midst of stress has to deal with. Written information is available at each session to assist the person in gathering all the pieces of information needed.
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