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Below, you will find many YouTube playlists for the benefit of your health & wellness.  For an explanation of the wellness benefits and how to utilize these playlists, click the following button.  Enjoy!

Genres, Modes, Moods & Music Frequencies:


Blues and R & B:
Slow Blues and Blues Rock Ballads
Blues Ballads

R&B Greatest Hits
Relaxing Blues

Top 100 Best Blues

African Blues

Caribbean Blues

Music for Reading
50 Greatest Classical Pieces
6 Hours of Mozart
John Cage Playlist
3 Hours Classical Guitar 

Romantic Classical Music

Best Old Country
Top 100 Country Songs

Classic Country 

Country Greatest Hits

Emmylou Harris Greatest Hits


Best Energetic Music 

Fast Energetic Classical Music

Energizing Soft House

Mood Boosting


Folk, Indie, etc:

Indie, Pop, & Folk Compilation 

Tracy Chapman 

Indie, Rock, 


The Best of Enya 

Viva Panama 

Music from Argentina 



111 Hertz Healing Tranquility 

432 Hertz 3 Hours Crystal Singing Bowls 

Tibetan Bowls 

852 Hertz Let Go of Fear 



Happy by Pharrell Williams 

Good Vibes-Happy Indie/Pop/Folk Mix

Happy Playlist

Good Vibes Only



Perfect Nostalgia-Best Music of the 20s 30s & 40s 

Back to the 50s Hits 

Elvis Presley Greatest Hits 

60s & 70s Golden Oldies 

Classic Greatest Hits 60s 70s & 80s  

Best Songs of 70s 

Disco Music 

Canada Top 100 Songs  



Manhattan Jazz Quartet 

John Coltrane Greatest Hits

Best of Miles Davis

Jazz Hip Hop Chill

Very Best Jazz Divas

Norah Jones Greatest Hits



Vintage Latin Cafe 

Horacio Valdes-Teatro Nacional de Panama 

Colombian Vallanato

Pop Latino

Afro Latino

Instrumental Latin Music


Love Songs: 

Best Love Songs 

Perfect Love Songs: Vintage 1930’s & 40s 

Best Love Songs 

Turkish Ney Music-Your Love is My Cure 



Piano Lullabies 

2 Hours Mozart

Ethereal Lullabies

Piano Guys


Modal Music:
Balance Your Mind with Modal Wind Chimes
Modal Music for Tinnitus
Sacred Music of Greek Antiquity



Most Beautiful Arias 

Opera Classics 

The Best of Opera Masterpieces 

Pain Reduction:
174 Hertz Pain Reduction
3 Hours Pain Relief 



Buddhist Green Tara Mantra 

Deepest Om 

Uplifting Ancient Chants from India 

Flow with the Universe-Sufi Music for the Soul 


Soft Rock Instrumental:

Beatles 1 Hour 

Classical Guitar 

Best of Instrumental Soft Rock 


Soul & Funk  

Best Soul Blues Songs 

1 Hour Neo Soul 

Instrumental Old School Funk Africa Funk 


World Music: 

Panama Day-Traditional Panamanian Dance & Music

Russian Folk Music & Slavic Music

Istanbul Symphony 

National Arab Orchestra 

Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China 

The Frozen Call-Ancient Nordic Chant 

Australian Aboriginal Digeridoo 

Flutes of the Andes 

We Welcome Your Feedback on Playlists:

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